Water Skyball

Water Skyball is a new, exciting and fun watersport game. It’s played in a swimming pool in teams of two, with special rules. The game is played in water with a ball and goals – these are the similarities to other sports but in any other aspect it is unique. Its rules, tools, its spirit, they serve as a basis for a fun, exciting and challenging activity – both for players and watchers alike. The quickly spreading game with a growing popularity was developed by the Fontanus Center.

Main rules of Water Skyball

Playing field

  • width: 8 meters
  • water depth: between 1 and 1,2 meters,
  • so players play the game in waist/chest deep water

The play area consists of three parts: defender zones marked with blue and the midfield marked with white. In the defender zone only one player is allowed to stay at a time, while in the field there is no such restriction.

wsb pálya

Water Skyball (WSB) is a non-contact sport meaning that touching other players is strictly forbidden and it entails penalty. This gives great emphasis to tactics, skill, and intelligence. Due to these, the risk of injury is minimal. In the midfield you can touch, pass, catch, and throw the ball with only one hand. This requires a lot of exercise and skill.

WSB is also unique by its unusual goal. Its goal-in-goal design makes the game even more exciting and interesting.

wsb kapu

The width of the goal is 4 meters, the inner section is 2 meters and the two outer sections are 1-1 meters wide.

As goals scored in the different parts of the goal mean different points, gives the teams a variety of tactics both in defense and attack. The value of a goal depends on the position from where it was shot and also where it landed in the goal.

The official WSB ball is unique in material, weight and size. The ball weighs 240 grams with even weight distribution. It is specifically manufactured for WSB.

wsb labda

Water Skyball Association

The Water Skyball Association was founded in 2015. The Association announces and supervises professional and amateur championships.

The first and unofficial, nationwide championships were held in 2013.

With the establishment of the Association, the official Adult WSB Championship for Men was announced every year, starting from 2015.


The Water Skyball Association oversees the expansion of WSB as a sport at home and worldwide. The Water Skyball Official Logo and the titles Water Skyball or WSB may only be used with the permission of the Association.