Starting from October, every Monday at Tüskecsarnok, Budapest

If you are interested to splash and to try out Water Skyball, we have good news: WSB game occasions are available again weekly from October, at Tüskecsarnok!

You can:

  • play a unique game
  • train your body thoroughly, while also working your brain 
  • meet WSB club members 
  • get to know the WSB community
  • practice for the amateur championship
  • even aim for the national championship if you are determined enough 😉

What do you need? 

  • please, let us know about your intention to come – register here
  • arrive a little bit earlier before the given starting time (to be able to change), be in suitable condition for training*, at Tüskecsarnok
  • suitable training clothing 
  • the fee can be paid on the spot (2,000 HUF)

What kind of clothing is suitable for WSB? 

  • a bathing suit/swimming trunks that you would wear in a swimming pool is suitable here, too (please consider that you are going to run in the water – water depth is 110-120 cm -, but you might also jump, fault in the water, so it is better to have two layers of clothes, for example a sports bra and a swimming suit or other further upper layer for women)
  • baseball cap (it is part of the equipment for professional WSB players, here it is optional but useful) 
  • aquatic shoes or a pair of completely clean shoes, only used for this purpose (it is also optional, you can be barefoot as well)

* Please, come to the training only if you are healthy. As we work together in a humid environment, indoors, in the current situation it is especially important that everyone adheres to the basic rules of hygiene and acts in accordance with the legislation in force. If you have any doubts about your own health, or have a positive contact in your environment, please wait two weeks and join us afterwards. Let’s take care of each other to spend as much time in the pool as possible playing Water Skyball.

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