Extract of the rules

Water Skyball is a complex sport game with unique rules. The most important rules are summarized in the extract below, for information purposes.

1. The teams

The game is played by teams of two.

2. Non-contact rule

It is forbidden to touch the other players under any circumstances.

3. Zones

The playing field is divided into three zones. The areas in front of the goals are the defender zones and the middle is the midfield zone. At a given point, one person can be only in one zone: in which they are standing with both feet, or into which they have just stepped.
At a given point, only one player can be in the defender zone (this might be the opponent’s player as well).
In the midfield, the ball can be touched with only one hand (passing, shooting, blocking).
The defending team can intercept the ball by one of the members stepping into the defender zone of the opponent, or if both members of the defending team are in the midfield while only one member of the other team is standing in the midfield, holding the ball.

4. Starting the game

The game is started from the defender zone by the team having the ball, by the player stepping out of the defender zone or the ball leaving their hands. If the ball leaves the playing field from one of the players (including a goal when the ball leaves the playing field at the goal line), the game restarts with a throw-out at the referee’s whistle (with the players being at their own halves of the playing field).

5. Goals and point values

It is considered a goal when more than half of the ball (51%) crosses the midline of the goal line. There is no such thing as an ‘own goal’. After the starting whistle, the ball has to be possessed by at least two players before crossing the goal line to count as a goal, and not a simple leaving of the playing field.
The attacking team cannot shoot a goal from the opponent’s defender zone.
The scores can be:

  • 1 point: shot from the midfield to the side section of the goal (Action)
  • 2 points: shot from the midfield to the center section of the goal (Center)
  • 2 points: shot from the defender zone to the side section of the goal (Sniper)
  • 4 points: shot from the defender zone to the center section of the goal (Deadeye)

6. Penalty and its execution

Every foul results in a penalty.
(Ball handling fouls, defensive fouls, attacking fouls, touching another player, any behaviour violating the spirit of WSB etc.)
Depending on the seriousness of the foul, 1, 2 or 3 penalties can be awarded to the innocent team.
Performing the penalty: after the whistle, it is to be done from the midfield, on first intention. It is forbidden to cross the line of the defender zone while performing it.
After performing the penalty or penalties, the innocent team starts with throw-out.

7. Qualification phase

Both in first division (NBI) and in second division (NBII), a WSB match starts with a qualification phase: this determines the length of the match and the points the winner gets in the championship. The qualification shot (QS) is done by the players throwing 6 balls in a row from one goal to the other empty goal. A QS is only valid, if the ball gets into the center of the goal and before the ball cannot touch neither the water, nor the goal.

For example: if one of the teams has 4, the other one has 5 Q-shots, then they play a Super match in a 15 minute period and the winner team receives 6 points in the championship.