What is Water Skyball?

Water Skyball is a Hungarian invention, an exciting and amusing aquatic sport played by 2 against 2 along special rules. The game is played in water by two teams of two people, one ball and to the goal. These are the only similarities to any other aquatic ball sport, in every other aspect it is unique. Its rules, equipment, spirit, the schedule of the championships are special and they offer a playful, exciting activity full of challenges both for the players and for the audience and fans.


 Since the establishment of the Hungarian Water Skyball Association, it has been organizing national Water Skyball tournaments every year, for which the number of competitors is constantly growing. The broadcasts of the tournaments on national television channels are attracting a growing audience.

Try out Water Skyball and meet WSB players!

Play with us every Monday at Tüskecsarnok swimming pool in Budapest.

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