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WSB on international waters

While Water Skyball is a sport that has originally been developed in Hungary, it has already been introduced in a growing number of countries. The WSB ball has made its debut on the Croatian coast, Daytona Beach in Florida and in the swimming pools of Poland. You can read about the foreign appearances of the sport in the articles below.

2022 June

2022 April

2022 March

2021 August

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August, 2022, Germany
Heinsberg hosted the first German amateur championship

  • “Erste Deutsche Meisterschaft in der neuen Sportart Water Skyball” –
    (The first championship of the new sport, Water Skyball)
  • “Water Skyball fordert Körper und Geist”
    (Water Skyball is challenge for body and mind)
  • “Wassenberger organisieren Deutsche Water-Skyball-Meisterschaft”
    (Wassenberg hosts the German Water Skyball Cup)
  • “Erste Water-Skyball-Meisterschaft war ein voller Erfolg”
    (The first Water Skyball Cup was a complete success)

May, 2022, Poland
WSB demo day with children, Opole, Poland

May, 2022, Florida
The WSB ball at Siesta Key Beach, Florida:

Water Skyball visits the Hungarian Summit


  • An exciting aquatic sport developed by Hungarians also aims for international fame”

September, 2021, Slovenia
Koper, beach

  • “Prvi vodni športni dogodek Skyball v Sloveniji” –
  • “Water Skyball v Sloveniji”
    (Water Skyball in Slovenia)

September, 2021, Croatia
Rovnij, WSB on the open sea

  • “Imamo novi sport! Ovo je hibrid vaterpola i rukometa – skyball”
  • “20. kolovoza u Rovinju Erasmus+ SPORT projekt Water Skyball in Europe”


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